The Counsellors List of 5th Executive Committee

Tian Xueyuan:   Academic Committee Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 
                      Committee Member of the State Council Academic Degree Committee
                      Vice Chairman of the Association of Chinese Social Economy and Culture
                      Executive Vice President of Population Society of China 

Zhao-Dian Chen: Former Vice Chairman  of the Zhejiang Province People’s Political Consultative Conference
                        Chairman of Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League,Professor 

Xue Kecheng:  The third Vice President and the fourth honorary President of the Zhejiang Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles,Professor

Yang Zhaodi: Former Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Zhejiang Province,Professor

Dai Di: Former Director of Health Bureau of Zhejiang Province,Chief Physician,Professor

Dong Rubin: Former Vice President of Hangzhou University,Professor

Zhang Tongwu: Former Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Labor Department,Inspector(department level)

Xu Zhaoji: Former Vice Mayor of Hangzhou City,Former Vice Chairman of the Hangzhou City People’s Political Consultative Conference,Professor

He Rongfei: Former Deputy Director of the Rural and Township Enterprises Bureau of Zhejiang Province,Inspector(department level)

Lou Zhongfu: Board Chairman of the Zhejiang Guangsha Group Corporation

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