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Zhejiang provincial Human Resources Association (ZJHRA) is a province level social association under the guidance of Zhejiang Provincial Association of social sciences. The association was founded in 1988, with the initiative of connecting the dots of talented individuals widely, as well as building horizontal cooperation and vertical combination. The association aims to identify and develop the talented people, to conduct specific research on the talented people, to carry out training plan and to provide consultant service for potential exploitation. The association accepts the operational guidance and supervised management from Zhejiang Provincial Association of social science and its authorized registration branch. The association has several subsidiary bodies: agency office, financial department, department of talent research, department of international cooperation, department of occupational females, department of cultural promotion, department of training, professional health promotion committee, enterprise development committee, professional human resource committee, college students’ employment and entrepreneurship branch, talent assessment and counseling center, occupational mental health management center, education center, overseas center, capital and project research branch, professional family education committee, etc.

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