The Leaders List of 5th Executive Committee of ZJHRA


Huang Shumeng  

The development committee of zhejiang university  Vice Chairman  

People’s Government of Zhejiang Province  Counselor 

Former Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University,Professor 

Member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Province Ninth CPPCC 

Director of Science & Education Committee

Vice President

Tong Shaosu  

Former deputy executive director of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department

Former Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang University,Professor 

Former Members of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress 

Former Director of the Culture and Education Committee

Wu Tianzu  

Former Principal of Zhejiang University of Technology,Professor

Huang Yazhou

Honorary President of Zhejiang Provincial Writers Association

Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Literature and Art

Zhang Pengfei

Chairman and President of Modern Joint Holding Group

Shen Manhong 

Vice President of Zhejiang University of technology,Professor

Mao Weitao 

 The Head of Zhejiang small flowers Yueju Opera Troupe

National First-Class Performer,Plum blossom award winner

Zhang Meifeng

Assistant President of Zhejiang University

Secretary General of Zhejiang University Alumni Association 

Zhang Aizhen 

 Executive Vice President of City College of Zhejiang University Hangzhou College for women,Professor

Hu Xiaoping 

Vice President of Zhejiang Zhongda Group Limited by Share Ltd


Secretary General

Zhou Junjian

General Manager of the Pu Rui Investment Company Limited

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